About Us

My name is Dulce.


🍋I’m a dog mom 🐶 (Merengue)

🍋I’m a wife

🍋Have a full time job

🍋 favorite color is yellow as you can see ⬆️


🍋This year in the early months of when the pandemic started and everyone was learning how to make banana bread( which I still don’t know how to make), I was doing research on a lot of topics and one of them was “starting a business”. 😅

 🍋 At that moment everything seemed so easy and I did not realize all it would take to have an up and running business. (still learning but...)

 🍋 I finally decided on something I personally LOVED and thought who doesn’t like putting together an outfit with some accessories and feel like the best thing walking around ??

 🍋So I searched for the best items for all different personalities and styles. From small dainty accessories to eye catching items that will go good with anything.

 I’m positive there’s something you would love ❤️